Trois Rivières


Nicolas Fouquet, Superintendent of Finances under Louis XIV, awarded himself the largest plot of land ever allocated in the Antilles: 2,000 hectares in the south of the island. He fell into disgrace before achieving his dream of founding a vice-royalty. The estate changed ownership several times. A large sugar industry developed, with up to three sugar refineries on the property; remains of these still exist today. The Trois Rivières land was acquired by a powerful land-owner from the north of the island, Etienne Isaïe Marraud Des Grottes, who added rum production to the activity of the sugar refinery. In the early 1900’s Amédée Aubéry, a powerful industrialist and land owner, acquired Trois Rivières. He modernized the site, stopped sugar production and produced only rum. His son extended the plantation, transferred the Dizac distillery in Diamant to Trois Rivières and began to produce only agricultural rum, which is made from sugar cane juice. The Marraud des Grottes family, which already owned a distillery and the Duquesne brand, bought the estate and marketed Trois Rivières old rums under the Duquesne brand until 1972. In the 1980’s marketing outside Martinique had begun; the distillery expanded and acquired a second distillation column. First mainland France and then the whole of Europe would discover Trois Rivières rums. In 2004, the production of Trois Rivières was moved to Rivière Pilote; its precious original distillation column was rebuilt on the new site, guaranteeing the quality and characteristics of the rums with the turquoise label.

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