Customers often ask which foods we recommend pairing with certain wines.

The main reason for food and wine matching is to enhance the overall experience of a dish or meal by pairing it with a wine that will complement it. Think about strawberries and cream… both tasty foods individually, however when combined they are more delicious than when eaten separately.

The answers for food & wine pairing are endless, so we have put together some basic rules for you to follow.

To achieve the best match it is necessary to analyse the basic components in both the wine and the food. The idea is to try to balance them so that neither the food nor the wine overpowers the other.

Remember it is a matter of personal taste, so choose combinations that you find particularly pleasing. Many wine styles have evolved to complement the cuisine of the region, and so this is a good starting point for finding a food and wine combination. For example, we love drinking Spanish wines with a varied selection of great Tapas dishes.