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Before there were explorers and marauders there was Takamaka, the tranquil spirit of a paradise they now call Seychelles. In 2001, two brothers distilled this spirit and bottled it, to be unleashed by those making spirited moments of their own. The history of rum is teeming with pirates and revolutionaries. But cross the oceans to the other side and you’ll find a place unconquered, plundered or pillaged. A paradise where nature rules. Leading them to produce a truly luxurious rum, unsullied and unhurried. Because they do things differently, over there on the other side of the rum-making world. In 1881, General Gordon of Khartoum stated that the Seychelles was in fact the site of the Garden of Eden. 120 years later, Richard and Bernard d’Offay had an epiphany of their own when they discovered these islands could help them produce truly divine rum. Harnessing their rich bounty, they created something that just wouldn’t be the same made anywhere else.

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