HACIEN was founded by Seb and Jordan, two people brought together by the collective spirit of tequila.​ Finally because although they had known each other for years, it wasn’t until discovering their shared love of agave that they first really bonded.​ As tequila enthusiasts and advocates, they recognised it’s power to unite people just like themselves …​ bBut also how it’s shot culture threatened to tear that potential apart.​ Where were the high-end tequilas that spoke to a more sophisticated crowd? The appetising agave cocktail on the menu? The ‘on the rocks’ option, to be sipped and savoured?​ For years, they waited for someone to reinvent their drink of choice and free it from it’s shackles.​ Then they realised… no one else shared the same spirit or vision. No one else was going to put themselves on the line. ​No one else had the tenacity to shake up the UK tequila game. ​ So they knew it had to be them. ​ ​It had to be HACIEN. ​

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