Rare Bird Distillery


The founders of Rare Bird Distillery in Malton, North Yorkshire are a small group of like-minded individuals with a passion for fine flavour and a love of Gin. Collectively, they have lived and holidayed in both the wine regions of Bordeaux France and the rolling Tuscan hills of Italy. These locations, apart from their beauty, seemed to have something very important in common; a discerning local community who have enormous pride in local produce, who demand high quality ingredients and appreciate the best flavours. Their senses acutely awakened by these experiences, they gradually began to reject the mass-produced Gins most often found in the supermarket aisles, in search of something superior, something more flavoursome, more satisfying. Nestled in a Grade II listed, former stable block in the thriving market town of Malton, known as ‘the food capital’ of Yorkshire, they are proud to be part of the growing artisan movement so prevalent in this area. 'Florence', is their 300-litre copper still, which they designed ourselves. Her luminous dome shape, reminiscent of the Duomo, influenced her name. She sits proudly in the centre, right at the heart of the distillery, and is the means by which every single bottle of Rare Bird gin is crafted.

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