Manchester Gin Distillery

It all began at 1.30am on a wet and cold February evening in Manchester. Whilst she sat alone minding the coats, he was a spare wheel to his two friends. From across the room he spotted her and offered to buy her a drink. Her response was sweet and simple, “a G&T”. Over the next hour they sat discussing everything from travelling the world to their favourite foods. Oh and not to forget, their love of gin. Two years quickly passed and to anyone who knew them, they became known as ‘The Poppets,’ so much so that when you look at the back of their bottle, you will see the distillers as ‘P&P’ which means they made the bottle together, with love. Since the evening they met, it was clear that they shared the same dream of starting a business together. After some rather amusing ideas initially, they met a gentleman who told them the fundamentals of making gin. From that day they knew they needed to make their own gin together. So in 2015 they began the adventure of a lifetime. Not many people know that the Bee is a symbol of Manchester. This was adopted during the Industrial Revolution as it embodied the work-ethic of Mancunians’ during the time when Manchester was leading the way in production methods. Many organisations rooted in Manchester use the bee within their branding, most famously Boddington’s and The University of Manchester. Walking round the city, you’ll also notice the Bee on lampposts, bollards and bins. The Bee in the logo is a modern interpretation of the “worker bee” symbol of this wonderful city.

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