Micheline Brothers

There are 4 Michelini Brothers, who are of Italian heritage, and who have revolutionalised Argentine winemaking by going against the norm. They were the first to start picking early to achieve higher acidity as befit th wines made by their Italian forefathers. Their viticulture is mostly organic and sometime biodynamic, but not certified as they tend to use a low sulphur regime. They eschew the use of oak as much as possible and they were the first to use concrete eggs for their fermentation and storage because the believe it gives the wine life and vitality and allows the wines' true characteristic to come through. They are the rock n roll of the Argentine industry and although they have been mocked in the past for their approach, their practices are now becoming the norm across the mainstream too, as people begin to copy. All of their wines come from the cooler climate Uco Valley south of Mendoza.

Products from Micheline Brothers...

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