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This family owned business dates back to the seventeenth century and is now under the direction of Claude Giraud, 12th generation of the Giraud-Hémart family. Owning 20 hectares, including 35 parcels of Grand Cru land of which 26 is planted with Pinot Noir and 9 with Chardonnay, the wine production of Giraud estate is environmentally-friendly, subscribing to the 'lutte-raisonnée' (limited intervention grape growing). The fact that overall production is limited to 250, 000 bottles a year, makes the Giraud Champagne stand apart from the majority of bulk-producing champagne houses. The Giraud house is one of just a few houses (Krug is another example) that conduct primary fermentations in oak. Henri Giraud pride themselves on sourcing wood for its barrels from the slow growing, tight grained, high quality trees of the ancient forest of Argonne, lying just 35 miles from the estate. Henri Giraud is described by leading wine critic Robert Parker as "the finest Champagne house virtually no one has ever heard of". The reason for this being that until the 1990s their wines were only sold directly to discerning, well-informed private customer in France and Italy.

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