“I TANT” Wines


Que Sí is a wine made by “I TANT” Wines. "I TANT" is a Catalan expression used to reaffirm and corroborate a previous statement concerning something out of the ordinary. “I TANT” means “of course”, “most definitely”,” there is absolutely no doubt about”…. and in this context “I TANT” Wines aims to offer a selection of wines from our territory, made exclusively from indegenous grape varieties that reveal the scenery of our wine regions. Catalonia is the single biggest wine producing province in Spain. If you drive the 200 km from Barcelona to the southern most part of the province, you pass through 7 different DO’s including the prolific Penede, Cava regions and the world famous DOC Priorat. In Spain there are 120 Denominations of Origin (recognised as good or unique wine growing regions), but only 3 DOC’s (DO Calificada), awarded to regions that have the potential to make wines of exceptional quality, the Priorat is one of these 3.

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