Hakushu Distillery


Known as the ‘Forest Distillery’, Hakushu Distillery is located at a site known for the pristine waters of the Ojira River, which has been designated by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment as one of the highest-quality water sources in the country. The construction of the distillery, which is surrounded by expansive forest, was the culmination of a many-year search for a site that could best take advantage of Japan’s natural bounty in the process of making Japanese whisky. A willingness to experiment through a process of trial and error has led to the production of a remarkable variety of single malt whiskies at the facility, bringing to fruition the goal of creating a world-class whisky that would please the delicate Japanese palate. Hakushu Distillery, which produces Hakushu single malt whisky and an array of other world-renowned, high-quality whiskies, continues to pursue new whisky flavours and aromas in a beautiful natural setting.

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