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In 1615, Willem Neerfeldt founded a brewery in the village of Grolle, which has now become Groenlo, in the Dutch province of Gelderland. His daughter married Peter Cuijper, who was appointed Guild Master of the brewers' guild in Grolle in 1676. In 1895, this successful brewery, known as 'De Klok', was sold by their descendants to Theo de Groen, offspring of another true family of brewers. Meanwhile, in that same year, a number of textile manufacturers, merchants and bankers decided to set up another beer brewery, 'De Enschedesche Bierbrouwerij'. During the First World War ingredients were in short supply, causing the quality of the beer to drop, accompanied by a sharp fall in sales. The management of De Enschedesche Bierbrouwerij therefore decided to sell the business to Theo de Groen. In 1922, De Klok in Groenlo merged with De Enschedesche Bierbrouwerij to become 'De Klok', later renamed 'De Grolsche Bierbrouwerij'. In 2004, Grolsch's new state-of-the-art brewing facility, located on the border between Enschede and Boekelo, became operational, replacing the old breweries in Enschede and Groenlo.

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