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The Edinburgh Beer Factory is a family run, independent brewery founded in 2015 to make people think again about beer and Scotland. Some of them were born in the city; some of them have adopted it; all of them are inspired by it. There’s a Scot who represents the brewery’s values to a tee. His name’s Eduardo Paolozzi, he was born in Leith and he invented Pop Art. Paolozzi believed in combining contrasting ideas and ordinary objects to create something special. He called it the “sublime in the everyday”. He believed in the dynamic of art meeting science. They call that brewing. And he believed in the unconventional. They think he’d be into this craft beer thing. They’d like to turn new people on to beer. Like Paolozzi, the beer’s a little different, but open to all and crafted into a thing of beauty. In return for his inspiration and artwork, the brewery pay a charitable donation to the Paolozzi foundation for every beer that is sold.

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