Cave du Vendômois


The vineyards of the Vendômois, France’s most northerly wine producing region, are located along the banks of the river Loir, a tributary of the Loire proper. Founded in 1929, the Cave Coopérative du Vendômois consists of twenty growers who deliver grapes to be sold under the Coteaux du Vendômois appellation, with winemaker Nicolas Parmentier heading the winemaking team. Le Carillon de Vendôme is a French nursery rhyme dating back to the 15th Century and believed to be France’s oldest folk song. Its melody echoes the peel of the bells of the Abbaye de la Trinité in the town of Vendôme. The refrain describes the position of the Dauphin (later Charles VII). After signing the Treaty of Troyes during the Hundred Years’ War, Charles was left only in possession of the cities of Orléans, Beaugency, Cléry, Bourges and Vendôme, with the rest of his Kingdom being occupied by England and its allies.

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