Cantine Colli di Catone


Colli di Catone was established in 1974 with the aim of producing a range of high quality wines with individuality; rich in body and flavour. Antonio Pulcini took on the role of technical and commercial management, using the knowledge and experience passed on to him by generations of producers and wine merchants in his family. After several years of hard work and considerable investment in both time and money, Colli di Catone started to receive widespread recognition. The vineyards extend across the “Castelli Romani” region to the south of Rome. Antonio Pulcini selects only hillside sites to work with and for Frascati he looks for a high percentage “Malvasia del Lazio” which is of better quality in this area. He works closely with the grape growers, encouraging them to abandon synthetic agrochemicals and to switch to organic products. Not all growers are up to Antonio’s high standards so it is seen as an honour to be chosen to supply grapes to Colli di Catone.

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