Buss Spirits


The conceptual spirits, special beverages and the umbrella brand ‘Buss Spirits’ originated from the mind of a single individual, Serge Buss. He is a restaurant and catering professional from a long line of independent entrepreneurs. Food creation with a special focus on innovation in flavour combinations, is definitely in the genes. His Grandfather cooked for the Belgian Royals and his Father owned a string of highly successful restaurants. Serge opened his first restaurant at the age of 20 and has been on a passionate quest for new and exciting flavours ever since. With premium quality and daring concepts as key-directives, Buss Spirits takes great pride in being the ‘odd one out’ in the fabulous world of spirits. They have a modern approach to vintage quality. Every creation is based on a superbly distilled product, infused with an exceptional Buss-twist and a true focus on professional grade excellence.

Products from Buss Spirits...