Antony Terryn


Antony Terryn is one of those wine makers whose unbridled passion for his soil vines and winemaking allow him to transcend those around him. Having made wine in some of the world ' s most prestigious arenas including his native France, Antony bought small plots in one of the best vineyard areas in Toro; an extraordinary land that never fails: La Jara. Most of the vineyard are old or very old: 80% of the 13 hectares of vineyards are over 45 years old and they were planted on their own roots. The rest are between 14 and 30 years old. In addition Antony manages another 15 hectares; some of these plots are close to or older than a century. La Jara is a unique and ancient vineyard site located next to the River Duero with exceptional climatic and geological conditions. The Toro area is characterized by an extreme continental climate with Atlantic influences and a semi-arid character (350 mm / year) with temperatures that can range from -13°C to +40°C. Another peculiarity of Toro vines are that they are planted directly on their own roots including pre-phyloxera vines planted before the second half of the nineteenth century. These produce extraordinary and rare fruits which give birth to unique wines. In the vineyards the deep soils with a high proportion of sand and gravel offer excellent drainage and force the vines to look for the elements needed to give high quality wines and a true expression of terroir.

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