Tiger Gin


Created by JJ Lawrence “a Shropshire Lad” born and bred. His Passion is Gin! Gin is his drink of choice and whilst drinking it one night he had a thought. Wouldn’t it be amazing to follow his passion and produce his own Gin, a new class of luxury British Spirit! He began to read and research, read more and research more, made the calls and got out there, it became all consuming… an obsession. He realised that even if he trained to become a qualified distiller it would take years and years to hone the craft. So he sourced the best distiller he could find which happened to be just 30 minutes away. A family owned company which has been developing and producing some of the finest award winning Gins in the world for nearly 100 years. He was on a mission to create the best tasting Gin in the world! The master distiller and JJ Lawrence worked tirelessly on developing the formula to create an incredible taste. It has been an exciting yet challenging journey to bring Tiger Gin to you. No other name would do, it was Tiger Gin or nothing. However he never expected a court battle against a Multi- Billion pound Global empire. Everyone hates a bully right? It became a matter of principle, it was long and drawn out but the fight in the tiger in him, drove him on to win. A real David and Goliath story.

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