Nautilus Estate

New Zealand

At Nautilus they like to keep things simple so they have a small (and friendly!) team. A small team means everyone can be fully involved in the winemaking from start to finish. It also means Clive, their winemaker, can spend his time in the winery making wine rather than managing a large team of people. It is a pretty hands-on approach. Great winery facilities mean that they can pick their grapes when they are ripe rather than being governed by logistics and they have a great deal of control over things like the amount of extraction (the colour and flavour) they get out of the grape skins. Family ownership means they have the benefit of generations of experience through the highs and lows of wine-growing – their owner Robert Hill Smith is a fifth-generation vigneron – and also means that they take a long-term, cautious approach. They only make a change if they are really, really convinced it adds to the quality of what they do. This philosophy is shared by the ‘brothers and sisters’ in the Family of Twelve. This is a group of 12 family-owned wineries that represents a selection of great wines from each of NZ’s winegrowing regions. They are extremely proud to be part of this group and enjoy sharing ideas and time with the extended family.

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