Jim Barry


Jim Barry Wines is a family winery based in the Clare Valley of South Australia. The company was founded in 1959 by Jim and Nancy Barry. The company is now owned and managed by Peter Barry, a second generation family winemaker. Jim Barry Wines is home to some of Australia’s favourite wines such as The Armagh, The McRae Wood, The Benbournie, First Eleven, Pb, The Cover Drive, The Lodge Hill Shiraz, The Barry Brothers, The Florita, The Lodge Hill Riesling and Watervale Riesling and the "The Veto" Cabernet Sauvignon . "The Veto" Cabernet Sauvignon was vinified in the micro-winery at Jim Barry, the grapes having been sourced from the Cricket Pitch vineyard in Coonawarra. It benefited from an earlier than usual vintage with warmer and drier conditions allowing the fruit to achieve full flavour development . "Our 2013 Coonawarra wines are possibly the best we have ever produced" (Jim Barry)

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