Fishers combines rare old English herbs and botanicals found along the Suffolk coast. Their botanist, James Firth, having studied Botany at Oxford University has dedicated his life to England’s plants and their environments. As a botanist, he scoured historical manuscripts researching the recipes of medieval herbalists in order to revive ingredients and tastes for Fishers, many of which had long since passed from memory. Fishers Gin reflects a passion for nature and research, capturing some of the wild and forgotten flavours of the English coastline. Fishers is a natural expression of the English coast. Like generations who lived off the land before them, they work sustainably with the bounty of Suffolk’s coastline. The many miles of beach, marshes and fertile pastures have been carved, shaped and made mineral-rich by the elements. Although the sea can be harsh and unforgiving, this land around the coast is lush and fertile, home to a multitude of botanical rarities, and a haven of delicate ecosystems. It is home to nightjars, kingfishers, otters and a huge array of protected wildlife. At the distillery in Southwold, the botanist’s work is done and James hands over to John McCarthy, their award-winning distiller. The distillery sits a few hundred yards from the sea and is a masterpiece of technical excellence, environmental friendliness and architectural joy. The Distillery has the only ‘grain to glass’ facility amongst the small-batch distillers, taking local East Anglian barley to produce the base spirit for their range of products.

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