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The dream started about 30 years ago when the late Peter Sichel, one of Bordeaux’s legends, found a remote vineyard high up in the Corbières mountains literally miles from anywhere (I know having stayed there) in the most beautiful surroundings and with a unique stoney terroir. It is also where the Albigensian Crusaders made martyrs out of the Cathars in the 13th century. Today, Peter's grandson Alexander Sichel lives there and makes the wines following biodynamic viticultural and vinification principles to the letter. Les Jardiniers comes from the heartland of the huge Corbières region, but Alexander and the Sichel family have decided to recognise and embrace their regional terroir, and high-altitude vineyards (the wine is now under the appellation of Cucugnan, rather than Corbières) which much better reflects the philosophy of the family and the quality of their wines from this tiny, almost inaccessible corner of the region.

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