Type: Fortified Wine
Country: Spain
Region: Jerez
Code: SAND165
An elegant dry amontillado sherry from this renowned producer


In 1805 Sandeman became the first port company to brand a cask with an iron brand, giving the wine a guarantee of quality. The Sandeman ‘brand’ was later registered as a trademark in 1877 making it one of the oldest in the world. The iconic figure of the Sandeman Don appeared on bottles in 1928, again one of the first such trademarks ever created.
Deep amber colour with aromas of dried fruits and nuts and yeasty, bready notes from the flor. A smooth and long finish.
An ideal accompaniment to cured meat and cheese, or a rocket and parmesan salad
The Palomino grapes are fermented into a dry base wine before being fortified to around 15% and entering the Solera system. A layer of flor yeast develops on the surface of the wine, protecting it from oxygen and allowing the wine to age biologically. Later, the wine is re-fortified to 17.5% - this extra alcohol kills the flor and the wine becomes exposed to oxygen, allowing it to develop complex notes of dried fruits and roasted nuts. The wine ages for an average of nine years, and is sweetened with a small proportion of PX wine to add richness and weight.

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