Type: White Wine
Country: Spain
Region: Navarra
Code: PLEN060
A great example of the value that can be found in Navarra, this is a simple, house style wine.

Bodegas Agronavarra

Founded in 1983 under the name Brana Vieja, the company has operated under its new name Bodegas Agronavarra since 2013. Great value wines are now made under the direction of winemaker Pablo Pavez. The wines of the series "Pleno" have become very popular due to their strength and popularity.
Aromas of green apple, pear and citrus that lead to a dry, fresh and light palate.
Enjoy with prawn and dill risotto.
A great dry white, fresh, light and zingy. The grapes are from large vineyards of alluvial marl, clay and limestone, grown on wires and with a good aspect and pruned to ensure good shade for the grapes. After picking the grapes are taken to the winery and cold stored for a period of several days to retain the acidity. the grapes are pressed using soft Pneumatic bladder presses, with a large element of free-run juice being retained, and blended with the first and second pressings. the wine is cool fermented in steel temperature- controlled tanks, with some lees stirring to add a creamy texture to the mid-palate. after fementation is finished the wine is bottled in batches to preserve the wines natural freshness and Braeburn apple characters.

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