Type: Fortified Wine
Country: Spain
Region: Jerez
Code: CROF001
Croft Original Pale Cream is a blend that brings together the pale dryness of quality fino sherry with the added depth and body of a cream sherry.
Main Grapes
Grape Mix
Closure Type

González Byass

González Byass is one of Spain's most well-known sherry bodegas. Its origins can be traced to 1835 when it was founded by Manuel María González Angel, who was subsequently joined by his English agent, Robert Blake Byass. The business was further expanded by the second generation of the González family, amongst them Manuel Críspulo González y Soto. The González family assumed sole control of the business in 1988.
A Sherry with a clean crisp taste, and an aromatic sweet finish giving you a lighter, fresher alternative to traditional dark sherries.
Enjoy with a mince pie or two!

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