Type: Red Wine
Country: Spain
Region: Navarra
Code: PRIN075
A good structured, balanced wine with long lasting fruit. Flavours of cassis, blackcurrant, plum and black cherry.

Bodegas Príncipe de Viana

Ever since 1983, when Principe de Viana opened its doors in Murchante, the company has plotted a path of stunning success and in only 25 years has become one of the principle and most prestigious wineries in Navarra. Carlos III of Navarra gave four thousand gold pieces to the messenger who announced to him the birth of his grandson, Carlos. Such was his joy and so great were the hopes he pinned on this child that would one day merit the crown. And before the child was two years old, in a bid to distinguish him with a majestic and previously unknown title, he was crowned Principe de Viana. “Bestowed in Tudela on the twentieth of January from the birth of our Lord 1423. To the King.” History wanted it another way, and the Noble King soon died and Blanca, his daughter, and her husband rose to the throne with the young Prince spending time either with his head in the classics or at court. But his mother’s death which should have meant his imminent coronation, in fact revealed his fathers grand ambitions. The all-powerful Juan, refused the crown to his son, the legitimate heir, and started a civil war against him. Carlos was forced to flee on a journey which took him to París, Rome, Naples and Barcelona, where he ended up living out his life without his true rights. His remains were transferred to Poblet and he has always been revered as a hero and a saint and even now is referred to in history as a defender of law and human rights. The legend was born in 1423. The Principe de Viana. Ever since, the title has been bestowed on all heirs to the throne of Navarra, first, and then to Spain, latterly, until the appointment today of his Royal Majesty, don Felipe de Borbón, the King. In this way, over the course of five centuries the title of Principe de Viana has become a symbol of tradition, continuity and renovation. The winery is proud to still carry the name and spirit.

Bright and intense colour on the eye. Aromas of cassis, black cherry, blackcurrant, plum and black cherry. Lovely hints also of chocolate, vanilla and cinammon as a result of the use of oak in the vinification process. A beautifully structured wine, well balanced and a good dose of long-lasting fruit.
A good accompaniment with parmesan and herb-crusted beef tenderloin, or grilled spiced lamb chops with vegetable ragout.
Gold Medal - Challenge International du Vin, 2019.

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