Type: Fortified Wine
Country: Spain
Region: Jerez
Code: HARV015
Harveys Bristol Cream is the market leader for Sherry in the UK and has the Royal Warrant for Sherry provider to the Queen! It is deep golden in colour with fragrant aromas of candied orange, dried fruit and toasted almonds. Keep a bottle chilling in your fridge and serve on the rocks.
Main Grapes
Grape Mix
Closure Type

Bodegas Harveys

In 1796, William Perry starts shipping sherry, Madeira, Port and other wines to Bristol. In that era, thick, sweetened Oloroso was already popular in the UK – it was known as milk sherry or Bristol Milk. In his company, Perry was later joined by John Harvey who eventually took over the business with his brothers. Around 1860, they had the idea of creating an even richer version of Bristol Milk, which included older Oloroso, and the name Bristol Cream seemed appropriate. This blended sherry became popular throughout the whole sweet sherry era. Since the early 1950’s, and until this very day Bristol Cream is the number one selling sherry in many markets. In the US, every other bottle of sherry s...
Clean and fresh with overtones. Crisp and elegant with fruity grape flavours, backed up by woody and nutty flavours. Mellow with a velvet smoothness.
Enjoy with a mince pie or two!

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