Type: Orange Wine
Country: France
Region: Languedoc-Roussillon
Code: ORAN055
When life gives you Oranges… make Orange Wine! "Ceci n’est pas une Orange" as Magritte would say, and he would be right as it is not made with oranges, but it's also not your traditionnal red, white or rosé wine. It's a new thing, it does not fit into the boxes and we love it!

Fredéric Garrabou

Fred was born in the small village of Limoux, situated amongst the Languedoc vineyards. His father and both his grandfathers were vine growers, and he grew up immersed in the vineyards, assisting his father from a young age. The cultivation of vines has always captivated him, as he believes that the finest wines are crafted in the vineyard.  

Clear, pale orange colour. Intense aromas of bitter oranges, dried flowers and slight nutty hints. Fresh, vivid and well-balanced, with a nice acidity; the aromas carry through to the palate. The finish is long, intense, and complex.
Plate of aged cheeses, Roquefort, Époisses, or chicken with a morel sauce.
Machine picking at night to reduce the risk of oxidation. The grapes were directly put into a concrete tank as for the vinification of a red wine. Pre-fermentation maceration at a cool temperature for one week. Temperature maintained at 4°C with daily pumping over. The alcoholic fermentation was then launched at a temperature of 18°C. 5 days maceration with daily pumping-over. The grapes were then pressed and the press juice was blended with the free-run juice to end the fermentation. Ageing on fine lees until bottling.

Highly Commended - Wine Merchant Top 100, 2024.

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