Type: White Wine
Country: France
Region: Languedoc-Roussillon
Code: DEVI010
A charming southern French wine from our old friend, the talented Xavier Roger, whose name derives from the grape growth cycle. Exactly 172 days between the bud break in the Spring and the leaf fall in the Autumn.

Xavier Roger

Mastering the nuances of Southern French varietals and combining traditional and modern winemaking techniques, Xavier Roger wines are a superb example of the quality that are now being produced in the South of France. Using the best parcels in the area, the quality of the range is truly outstanding.
Rich and expressive with notes of white peach, mango and a touch of lime blossom.
Enjoy with spaghetti carbonara.

Brian Elliott, Midweek Wines, January 2022: "Once largely a winemaker’s “texture adding” bit-part player in France’s Rhone Valley, the white version of grenache increasingly secures solo roles nowadays, particularly in the new world but – as in this example – also in Languedoc. Soft and delightfully aromatic, it contains white peach and crunchy apple flavours enlivened by sharp lime acidity and is given depth by a nicely balanced and creamy texture plus suspicions of grapefruit-based pithiness."

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