Type: White Wine
Country: France
Region: Languedoc-Roussillon
Code: ARGE001
Made to our exacting specifications, Les Argelieres is a unique range of modern, fruity varietal wines from the Languedoc, made with the aim of showing the elegance, subtlety and perfect varietal 'signature' of each grape variety as planted in the warmth of Southern France. This ripe and tropical fruit-laden Chardonnay shows how well the noble Chardonnay grape can blend and fuse with toasty oak, from grapes grown on cooler hill sites and with a yield that is limited so as to express the buttery, ... Read More
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Marilyn Lasserre

Marilyn is a genuine pioneer. Since her return to France in 2008, she has significantly contributed to the renewed success of Languedoc’s wines. Bringing her feminine touch to traditionally strong, rustic and full-bodied wines, Marilyn succeeded in improving quality and taste with a rigorous selection in the vineyards and perfect control of the winemaking process. Marilyn studied Viticulture and Oenology in Bordeaux, and has spent time working in various regions throughout the world. Les Argelières is a tribute to the “Terroir” from which these wines are produced, a terroir mostly made of pebble and limestone perfectly exposed to the sun. It enhances the fruit aromas a...

Shimmering gold in the glass, aromas of ripe apples and dainty hints of vanilla and nuts with a buttery note. Dense and velvety on the palate but ever so fresh with a long finish.
Great to drink with nibbley food. Try with hummus and grilled flatbread.
The ripe grapes are picked at optimum time, with sugar and acidity crucial. The grapes are picked by hand, and pressed using a soft pneumatic press to minimise bruising and over extraction. The juice is cool settled for 2 days, then fermented in steel thermo-regulated tanks using natural yeasts for around 23 days, before a portion is racked into used and new French oak with a high degree of toast to bring rich buttery, toasty, vanilla notes to the finished wine. The acidity is adjusted to allow for any variation and the wine bottled after ageing on lees in tank.

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