Type: Red Wine
Country: France
Region: Bordeaux
Code: PEDE015
Since Jacki Lorenzetti bought this château in 2009, a massive investment in both vineyard and winery has transformed this property and it is now one to watch closely. Another superb Pauillac from 2016.

Château Pedesclaux

Purchased by Jacky Lorenzetti in 2009, a transformation at this Château has taken place bordering on a revolution. 12ha ov vineyards on the Milon plateau were added to the estate and a new winery to compete witht he very best installed. This is a Château to watch.
Impressive, rich, deep claret – seems quite open and lush at first, layers of creamy sweet blackcurrant, blackberry and cherry yet this wine has an incredible lightness of touch, almost delicate and yet it is a BIG wine – very satisfying and leaves one yearning for more.
Enjoy with pan fried steak with onions, mustard and mushroom sauce.
Aged in 45% new oak

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