Type: White Wine
Country: France
Region: Burgundy
Code: PULI925
The Demoiselles vineyard, lying to the northern edge of Montrachet and across from the 1er Cru of Pucelles, is owned by just 3 producers. It is arguably the finest of the 1er cru, and, for the sake of 9 foot of pathway and a small wall, could be Montrachet itself. This is a hedonistic, complex wine that seems set for many years ageing.

Domaine Guy Amiot

Domaine Guy Amiot’s work springs from a long tradition begun in the 1920s under the direction of founder Arsène Amiot. Arsène started acquiring parcels in Chassagne in the 1920s and under his direction Domaine Amiot became one of the first domaines in Burgundy to bottle their own wines. By the time Guy Amiot (who the current domaine is named after), took over in 1985, the domaine had built up very impressive holdings and had passed the knowledge of how to best care for the vines down from generation to generation. There was a continuity of work in the vineyards that led to solid consistency in the wines. In 1993, Guy’s son Thierry Amiot took over and has been both respecting the tradition and striving for improvement ever since.

Ripe, forward and intense on the nose, almost super reductive with notes of tangerine, nectarine, tinned stewed apple puree and wet stones. The minerality is obvious and a primary element of this wine, balancing the ripe white fruits with the freshest of bracing acidity and streaks of honey, cereal and crème anglaise. The wine is taut, poised and edgy, hinting at so much more potential in a few years’ time. The result is a hedonistic, complex wine that seems set for many years ageing.
Delicious as an accompaniment to lobster, crab soufflé or monkfish.
Aged in 33% new oak for 12 months followed by 6 months in cuve.

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