Type: White Wine
Country: Germany
Region: Rheingau
Code: HOCH005
An authentic elegantly balanced Riesling with natural fruits and a lively acidity. This is an excellent example of the very attractive wines that the Rheingau can produce.
Main Grapes
Grape Mix
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Kunstler Winery

Family owned since 1648 Kunstler Winery is situated in the Rheingau, the most prestigious area for Riesling. An aromatic white wine with an intense bouquet of fresh apricots, ripe apples and citrus tones. A dry elegant wine that holds onto that all important acidity.
Gentle, soft wine with notes of peaches and pear, good weight and well-balanced finish. Restrained and elegant.
A perfect accompaniment to pate, light meat or fish with creamy sauces. Also, an ideal match for Asian spicy dishes, blue cheese or fruit desserts.
Harvested from one of the VDP-certified top vineyards Hochheim "Hölle", famous for the world-wide oldest documenting of Riesling from the year 1435. The terroir has 200 million year chalk sediment which gives the Riesling its typical mineral profile.

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