Type: White Wine
Country: France
Region: Burgundy
Code: CHAB113
Situated on the western central edge of the Grand Cru hill, looking south and west to the sleepy town of Chablis, Billaud makes very small quantities of this steely, forceful wine.
Main Grapes
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Domaine Samuel Billaud

Samuel continues to make many of the most exciting wines coming out of Chablis today, equal in quality to Jean-Marie and Bernard Raveneau, but at a fraction of the price. His 2020’s are a great range. Samuel decided to pick early, from the 28th August to the 6th September, and to age all his wines for at least 10 months on the fine lees, in order to achieve a winning combination of ripe, appley fruit on the nose, fresh, succulent texture on the palate and fine minerality and salinity on the finish. Samuel likens his 2020’s to his 2017’s – high praise indeed as the 2017’s are currently developing into spectacular wines.
A powerful, almost majestic Chardonnay that soars high above anything else tasted in this region in 2022. Concentrated, rich and powerfully structured, layers of steely acidity, precise in nature and tension, vibrant, alive and so, so wonderfully satisfying, with a long complex finish. This is winemaking at its very best!
Hand-picked, fermented in 3 year old barrels, followed by 1 year in old oak, then transferred back into steel tanks to 'marry' the wine. A further ageing on fine lees for 18 months prior to bottling.

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