Type: Red Wine
Country: Spain
Region: Castilla y León
Code: REJA001
Well, we opened this thinking it would be another full blown, hard and chewy Spanish red - indeed - this is nothing of the sort. Complex notes of boiled black fruits, interlaced with ripe tannins, a fresh and elegant acidity and a really lovely sweet fruit core and soft oak. This is robust, but also its brooding core hides a softness and elegance that seems to linger and grow in the glass

Bodega Rejadorada

Bodega Rejadorada was officially formed in 1999 with one objective: to extract the maximum personality from the Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo) varietal. In 2003 a new cellar was built in San Roman de Hornija in the province of Valladolid equipped with the newest technology for the elaboration, aging and bottling of wine. The wines from this terroir are the result of a long-standing tradition; these vines are ungrafted and phylloxera-free and have been growing on the banks of the River Duero since the Roman times.
If you like black currants, jam, swet vanilla, a robust and warming character that seems to open and give more fruit and flavour with every glass then this wine is for you. We loved it - changing our opinion of the region - top notch red .
Grilled or roasted meat, as well as with cured cheese
Careful manual harvest of vineyards between 25 and 50 years. Slow fermentation below 23° C and intense maceration. Ageing for 12 months in French and American oak barrels combined with European oak barrels.

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