Type: Red Wine
Country: France
Region: Bordeaux
Code: FIEF050
One of the most popular second wines, it is produced from vines averaging 30 years old planted on gravelly soils and always offers super value.

Château Lagrange

Always buy second wines in very good vintages, and this year is a definite for Fiefs de Lagrange. The second wine of Chateau Lagrange represents 65% of the total crop. Owned by Suntory, the winemaking team were instructed to make the best wine possible regardless of cost. They therefore downgraded more plots into this second wine, and by doing so improved both this and the 'grand vin'. With an average vine age of 35 years, the quality of grapes is exceptional. Rich and fruity, beautiful and charming tannins with an impressive structure that supports a super concentration of cassis

An excellent second wine that gives a perfect glimpse of what the Grand Vin offers at a fraction of the price. A real wine drinkers claret, it is warm, generous and deep, with layered sweet cherry and black fruit, soft plush tannins, a hint of citrus and notes of minerality, and balanced by a beautiful raspberry freshness.
Try pairing with Beef en Crôute and an assortment of seasonal vegetables, or a classic beef wellington
The harvest is done manually. The vinification is done in 63 impressive stainless steel tanks of 66-220 hl for periods ranging from 15 to 25 days at temperatures below 30 ° C. After fermentation the wine matures 13 months in oak barrels (20% new barrels). After fermentation the wine matures twenty months in oak barrels (20% new barrels).

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