Type: Red Wine
Country: Chile
Region: Central Valley
Code: ELPI080
This is a great wine produced by Chile’s number one wine producer, Viña Luis Felipe Edwards. Blackcurrant fruit leads to a full, ripe flavour and juicy tannins. Soft and easy at first, there is definite complexity and a nice sense of power.

Viña Luis Felipe Edwards

The history of Viña Luis Felipe Edwards (LFE) dates back to 1976, when Luis Felipe Edwards Sr. purchased the Fundo San José de Puquillay estate, located in the Colchagua Valley, a premier viticultural region in Chile. The estate sits nestled in a secluded horseshoe-shaped valley, separated from the majestic snow-capped Andes by the smaller San Fernando ridge. At that time, it was planted with 60 hectares of vines dating back from the beginning of the 20th century, consisting mainly of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Carmenere and Merlot. In the early Nineties, Luis Felipe Sr. decided to make wine under his own name and so built a modern winery equipped with the latest state of the art techNology.
Unoaked varietal Cabernet Sauvignon with the characteristic aroma of ripe blackcurrants; the wine is generously fruit-forward with soft tannins.
A perfect option to accompany grilled meats. It also goes great with strong cheeses, lamb, hearty stews and pasta, beef, poultry, and highly seasoned sauces. A very versatile wine!
The grapes are sourced from vineyards in both Central Valley and Colchagua, and harvested by both machine and hand. The grapes are destemmed and crushed and the stems discarded. The juice is then pumped into large steel insulated fermentation tanks. During temperature-controlled fermentation, the open pump over method is used, the must fermenting at 25-28°C. Pressing takes place when the required amounts of colour, flavour and tannin have been extracted; the pressed wine kept separate. Malolactic fermentation occurs naturally.

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