Type: Dessert Wine
Country: Thailand
Region: Don Muang
Code: MONS040
Grapes are left hanging on the vines for 10 more days to gain the sugars needed for this superb aromatic and sweet wine.
Main Grapes
Grape Mix
Drinking Window
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Monsoon Valley Wines

Monsoon Valley Wines are award-winning wines made from carefully selected grapes grown at Hua Hin Hills Vineyard in Thailand. The leading new latitude wine is crafted by Siam Winery winemaker Kathrin Puff and her team, using old world values with new world enthusiasm and state of the art winemaking equipment. Aromatic, enticing and renowned for subtle aromas and expressive taste, Monsoon Valley Wines have attracted a following in Thailand and at Thai restaurants around the world.
A light straw golden colour. Nectar-like, it has aromas of dried orchard apples and stone fruits such as white peach and apricot. Elegant acidity and vibrant fruit flavour compliment to seamless savoury finish.
Best paired with an arraye of Thai desserts such as Thai Mango pudding.

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