Type: White Wine
Country: Argentina
Region: Mendoza
Code: PAMP030
Great value, everyday drinking wine – so refreshing! This has a lovely balance between the tropical, rounded Chenin Blanc and floral crispness from the Torrontes grapes.

Bodega Santa Julia, Zuccardi

Julia is the only daughter of José Alberto Zuccardi. Created in her honor, Santa Julia represents their commitment to reaching only the highest standards of quality through sustainable practices that contribute to the care of the environment and being useful to the community in which they live.
Fruity and floral combing tropical stone fruits, peach and banana and supported by a whizzing acidity. The finish is long, clean and zesty.
A delicious fresh aperitif as well as a great match to spicy dishes
The grapes are produced on alluvial soils, irrigated by pure waters coming from the thaws of the Andes mountain range. Fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks, preserving the aromatics and freshness of the early morning picked grapes.

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