Type: White Wine
Country: France
Region: Loire Valley
Code: PARN005
Wow!! This is an incredibly complex and fulsome dry white, one of the finest dry Chenin Blancs from the Loire - intense minerality, complex and refined

Chateau de Parnay

Mathias Levron and Régis Vincenot took over Château De Parnay in December 2006. As soon as they moved in, they were able to make use of the experience gained at Château Princé, putting in substantial work both at the vineyard level (increase of the leaf area, trellising, control of yields, etc.) and at the winery level. They wanted to restore Château de Parnay to its former glory, inspired by their illustrious predecessor: Antoine Cristal. The property — located in the Saumur Champigny wine appellation — now covers 35 hectares. The vineyard consists of four plots of land, all located on exceptional clay-limestone soil. The first three plots are located in an area commonly known as la côte, an area straddling the communes of Parnay and Souzay-Champigny. This terroir takes its nickname from the closeness of the Loire (about 200 meters) which it overlooks from the top of its white stone cliff. The fourth plot is located on the heights of Dampierre-sur-Loire, in an area known for its early ripening: the Butte de la Folie. This terroir, made exceptional by its exposure, offers an impressive view of the vineyards and the Loire.
The nose just grabs your attention. Sublime notes of Pink grapefruit, dried honey, beeswax, flint, crushed stone… such an intoxicating nose. The palate offers so much - brooding weight of fruit, acidity, minerality and layer upon layer of herbal/citrus notes. Long, incredibly, deliciously, moreishly long with a hedonistic sumptuous quality.
grilled salmon and shellfish, Hard nutty cheeses, scallops, lobster - the best you can find
Very rare. A single walled 'clos' which then has 11 parallel walls inside, the vines planted to the north side so their roots lie in the cool shade, the vine then grows through an individual hole per vine in each wall, so the vine grows and ripens in the south facing side. Ingenious! The vineyard is designated a rare Monument. Hand picked, selected, seperate ferment in tank, ageing in used oak barrels.

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