Type: White Wine
Country: France
Region: Burgundy
Code: MONT315
A very powerful wine with amazing concentration. Honeyed, rich and balanced by a superb acidity. Only 1 barrel produced!

Domaine Guy Amiot

Domaine Guy Amiot’s work springs from a long tradition begun in the 1920s under the direction of founder Arsène Amiot. Arsène started acquiring parcels in Chassagne in the 1920s and under his direction Domaine Amiot became one of the first domaines in Burgundy to bottle their own wines. By the time Guy Amiot (who the current domaine is named after), took over in 1985, the domaine had built up very impressive holdings and had passed the knowledge of how to best care for the vines down from generation to generation. There was a continuity of work in the vineyards that led to solid consistency in the wines.

A colossal wine full of power and concentration. Honeyed and rich, balanced by a razor sharp acidity with a finish that goes on and on.
Try with fillet of pike marinated in white wine, tarragon and grapefruit.

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