Type: White Wine
Country: Italy
Region: Piedmont
Code: GAVI010
When Gavi is good, it is really, really good - and in a world awash with neutral flavour-less Pinot Grigio and one dimensional Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc this elegant, complex, deftly crisp and layered dry white from one of Italy's classic areas will just make you smile.
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Azienda Agricola Mario Giribaldi

The Giribaldi Winery which started in the 20th Century exports 70% of its production all over the world. Its aim is to act as ambassador of the “Langhe” and transmit it’s wine culture, to all continents following an entirely organic system, certified CEE. The Giribaldi winery is a family, not only because Mario, Giovanna, Matteo and Alessandra represent the third and fourth generation of a family that has always dedicated itself to its land, but also because it is family of 10 people who every day, proudly put passion into what they do.
Pale straw in colour with the right degree of green fleck and limpid appearance. A full fresh nose with stone fruit notes and a degree of citrus, the palate offers layers of crisp dessert apple, pear and almond nut. Full and round in the mouth with a discrete structure and clean yet ' fresh as a daisy ' finish. A light acidic note, typical of this wine makes it a pleasure to drink with all varieties of food.
Great as an aperitif. Also goes well with fish, light cheeses, white meats and salads.
The wine making process involves a soft pressing of the grapes and a cold decanteration for 24 hours. For 90% of the must, fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature between 18 and 20°C for 50 days and then it is left to rest on its own yeasts, for another 80 days. The remaining 10% of the must is fermented in wooden casks and after 90 days, it is then added to the bulk. Once assembled it is left in the bottle for 2 months. Approximately 38.800 bottles are produced every year.

Highly Commended - Wine Merchant Top 100, 2024.

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