Type: Red Wine
Country: Italy
Region: Piedmont
Code: BARO080
I remember reading a description of Barolo in an Italian restaurant in the 1980's - ' The Wine of Kings, the King of Wines ' . We have moved on from those days ( thank goodness ) and this wonderfully ripe, rich and sturdy red shows the perfumed appeal and polish of the classic Nebbiolo-based red from these northern Italian vineyards. Big and impressive in the glass, yet not tannic or unwieldy, this complex red from Vini Giribaldi has beautiful notes of cherry, chocolate and walnut. Full-bodied, dense and integrated with a long fresh finish.

Azienda Agricola Mario Giribaldi

The Giribaldi Winery which started in the 20th Century exports 70% of its production all over the world. Its aim is to act as ambassador of the “Langhe” and transmit it’s wine culture, to all continents following an entirely organic system, certified CEE. The Giribaldi winery is a family, not only because Mario, Giovanna, Matteo and Alessandra represent the third and fourth generation of a family that has always dedicated itself to its land, but also because it is family of 10 people who every day, proudly put passion into what they do.
A ruby red colour with amaranth reflexes, an evident perception of good red fruit appeals to the nose, dried berry and chocolate fruit with Nebbiolo's signature perfume of rose petals and coffee. Full body with soft silky tannins and a juicy finish.
Sit down and enjoy with a grilled fillet steak.
The wine making process is very traditional , where for 12 days “rimontaggi and follatura” take place i.e. the must is pumped over the cap several times a day to avoid drying out, in addition, the cap is mechanically broken up. This happens at a temperature of 30-35 °C to optimize extraction. The wine is then drawn off and left in steel vats for 4 months, then is matured in 500 litre oak tonneaux for 2 years. The wine is then kept in the bottle in our underground cellar where there is a constant temperature of 16°C.

Wine Advocat Monica Larner - 90 points. James Suckling - 92 points.

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