Type: Sparkling Wine
Country: England
Region: Sussex
Code: WIST001
A go to English Sparkling. Steely, appley, full of lively acid!

Wiston Estate

The Wiston family has presided over the estate -including woodland and meadows- since 1743. They have nurtured the land and are experts on the nature and soil in their estate and surrounding areas. In 2006 Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay Vines were planted. Using their experience working on organic farms in Canada their enterprise began and has been a real success.
On the nose Sharp apple and gooseberry with a hint of fresh Grapefruit. On the palate apple and limestone minerality with moreish brioche notes
Drink with Fish and chips or a lovely aperitif with nibbles/grazing platters
Long Lees-aging is essential to offer biscuity notes that balance beautifully with the fresh acidic notes. Reserving wine year on year since 2008 has created a wonderful house style. The wine is disgorged at the Wiston Winery.

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