Type: Sparkling Wine
Country: Italy
Region: Sicily
Code: SANT240
There are not many spumante style wines made from Grillo or from Sicily but we have found one, and it is superb!
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Santa Tresa

One of Sicily’s oldest and finest wineries, producing top quality, indigenous varietal wines from Vittoria. In perfect harmony with nature and with ideal grape-growing weather conditions, Feudo di Santa Tresa’s vineyards benefit from the Sicilian sun and cooling sea breezes, far enough away from the sea. Here, we are able to produce organic wines with the ultimate expression of our grape varietals and the soul of Sicilian character. Considerable replanting and upgrading on the 50 hectares “terra rossa” vineyards, alongside the highest quality winemaking, results in exceptional wines.
The Santa Tresa Grillo Spumante is really fresh, with a bouquet which reveals both citrus and floral notes. It is fruity on the palate, has great balance, soft and gentle, with a burst of acidity.
An ideal aperitif, and perfect with seafood antipasto.
The Grillo grapes are picked early at the beginning of August to retain the acidity level perfect for spumante. They are picked very early in the morning to avoid the heat of the August sun. In the heat of Sicily, it's important to keep everything cool - before fermentation the juice is chilled and the particles allowed to settle naturally to give a clear liquid for fermentation. Both primary and secondary fermentation take place in stainless steel tanks. The secondary is done very slowl,y in order to retain the all-important freshness and fruit of the Grillo.

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