Type: Champagne
Country: France
Region: Champagne
Code: KRUG001
Krug Grande Cuvée is the archetype of Krug’s philosophy of craftsmanship and savoir faire: a blend of more than 120 wines from ten or more different years. Its exceptional finesse is the result of a stay of at least another six years in the cellars. Over twenty years are needed to craft each bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée!


Krug was founded by Joseph Krug in 1843 and has since specialised in producing only prestige and specialised champagnes. Krug is the only firm still producing all its champagne in small oak casks, an essential element for developing Krug's intense bouquet and complex flavours. Today, Henri, Rémi and Olivier Krug, who supervise every step of production, tasting and blending, represent the 5th and 6th generations. With long periods of maturation (6-8 years), Krug champagne continues to age gracefully after release, developing an intensely rich, nutty flavour whilst remaining remarkably fresh.
Rich, deeply opulent and elegant with a finely tuned mousse and long, rich, layered complex palate - the fruit is blowsy and rich, with notes of toasted brioche, biscuit and cereal yet is balanced with white peach and tropical fruits on the finish.
A perfect match for white meats, creamy cheeses, fish and complex salads. A versatile wine!

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