Type: White Wine
Country: France
Region: Loire Valley
Code: VOUV055
A beautifully fresh vouvray with lovely minerality and floral notes
Main Grapes
Grape Mix
Drinking Window
Closure Type

Domaine du Clos des Aumônes

This Vouvray vineyard was founded by Monks from Monastery Marmoutier in the 4th century. The Domaine du Clos des Aumônes has been producing for three generations, with Benoît Coulon taking over in 2018. “Oenologist by training, I chose to settle in the Vouvray vineyard for its potential to create great white wines."
Light gold in colour. On the nose, notes of rose, candied orange peel and pear. On the palate, good mouthfeel and a lingering fruity finish.
Drink with Goats cheese or grilled salmon
Produced Méthode Traditionelle. The Grapes are pressed and fermented to produce its base wine. Liqueur de triage (yeast and sugar) are added and the bottle is sealed with a crown cap. The bottle's are left lying horizontally 'sur lattes' for 1 year. Pupitres tilt the bottles to allow the deposits of yeasts to collect in the neck of the bottle. The Neck is frozen in brine and the deposit removed (disengorged).

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