Type: White Wine
Country: Argentina
Region: Catamarca
Code: VALL045
A modern take on Argentinian wine, this is an elegant blend of Riesling and Pinot Blanc from the Vallisto vineyard in Salta in the far north of Argentina.

Vallisto Wines

A Vallisto is a person from the valley, fundamentally from Cafayate Valley. And this project is about expressing the virtues of the unique terroirs in and around this beautiful, remote area of Argentina. It is also a rescue mission, giving voice to long-forgotten vineyards and lesser-known grape varieties, pulling together a youthful, dynamic approach to winemaking and the kind of natural resources that take millennia to form. Pancho Lavaque and his team are creating exciting, rare gems, often from very old vines, and they are crafting modern, elegant wines that are light on extraction and big on flavour and complexity. (Ref: Las Bodegas)
Aromas of lime, green apple and a slight hint of jasmine make this wine delicious.
Great with food with a bit of heat
Direct pressing into 500L barrels protecting the juice at all times from oxidation with dry-ice (carbonic). Fermented with native yeasts. No acid correction, no nutrients added. The wine is not filtered thus it has a slightly hazy appearance in the bottle. Due to low pH this wine did not do malolactic fermentation.

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