Type: White Wine
Country: Portugal
Region: Ribatejo
Code: TERR130
Terre de Lobos are a young company making inroads into Portugals domestic wine market with their lush fruity style and simple to understand labelling and outlook. A great wine for parties or simply to celebrate the end of another working week.

João Portugal Ramos

João Portugal Ramos is Portugal’s most famous winemaker. Before he began making his own wines, he was a pioneering wine consultant widely considered Portugal’s Pierro Antinori or Emile Peynaud (The New York Times). In the decades that Ramos has consulted, he almost single-handedly opened Portuguese winemaking to the benefits of modern technologies with an emphasis on low yields, occasional oak aging, and the preservation of a grape’s natural fruit flavours. In 1990, he decided it was time to start creating his own wine and he began planting vineyards in Alentejo around his new winery, Vila Santa. J. Portugal Ramos’s 1250 acres of vineyard are located near the ancient marble-filled town of Estremoz in Alentejo. The schist and limestone-clay soil, combined with the region’s Continental climate, create ideal conditions for growing grapes. Ramos’s wines quickly met critical acclaim, and he expanded his vineyards to select locations in Tejo, Beiras and the Douro.
Perfumed, light and delicious with notes of apricot, steel and crisp lime acidity.
Lovely with poached Salt cod, pan fried fish, roast chicken and hearty vegetarian dishes.

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