Type: Fortified Wine
Country: Portugal
Region: Douro Valley
Code: POPO010
Fortified wine produced from white grapes such as Malaysia Fine, Bodega, Rigato and Viosinho and aged 3 to 6 years in wogod, and grown in the Northern Portugal's Douro Valley. Its floral aromas and fresh, fruity taste make it a refined aperitif.

Poças Júnior

In 1918, a few months before the Armistice, Manoel Domingues Poças Júnior, who had been born in the heart of the Port Wine hustle and bustle, decided to establish his own company. Manoel Poças was 30 years old and he had some experience in this business. With his uncle, he created a company to sell grape spirits to large Port Wine shippers. Soon afterwards he opened a head office in Vila Nova de Gaia, where they remain to this day. Today, with three quintas in the best winemaking areas of the Douro Demarcated Region, Poças ensures its total control over the quality of its wines and the family is more involved than ever before.

Straw yellow. Very refreshing, citrus and tropical flavours of pineapple and banana. Well-balanced and refined, smooth with a long lasting finish.
Enjoy this wine with stilton, blue veined French cheese, walnuts or a treacle tart.
Matured in wood for 3 years, followed by blending of several White Port wines from different harvests, cold stabilization and filtration.

88/100 points: Wine Spectator.

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