Type: White Wine
Country: Italy
Region: Trentino
Code: CANT215
The Rhine Riesling grape, native to the Rhine Valley, has been grown in the vineyards of the Cembra Valley for decades. On sunlit southern slopes the grapes develop aromas that are preserved by the significant temperature variations of the Alpine valleys.
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Cantina Lavis

Cantina Lavis is an historical winery located at the heart of the Trentino subregion. Founded in 1850 by the Cembran family, it has been a cooperative since 1948.

The LaVis Riesling is a pale yellow in colour with a delicate bouquet of aromas reminiscent of candied fruit and carob. The full, fruity and pleasantly acidic flavour tends to reach its full potential after ageing in the bottle for a few months.
Fantastic with appetizers like smoked salmon, omelette with herbs but also dishes like cuttlefish with peas. Ideal for the la dolce vita lifestyle.
Manual harvesting commenced in early October 2020 with soft pressing in an inert environment. There was static decantation of the must, with fermentation at controlled temperatures in stainless steel tanks, ageing on the lees for approximately 5/6 months prior to bottling.

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